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Welcome To Omg-Chat

Welcome To Omg-Chat The New Place Of The Net For Thug,Gangsters,And Divas To Come And Kick Back And Enjoy ThereSelf. We Are A New Chat So We Must Need Your Help With Bringing Freinds And Family,

Chat Room Rules

- Please Respect Others Like You Want To Be Respected. -
- No Arguing With A Chatmaster, They Are The Law -
- Please No Usage Of Excessive Caps, Or Flooding Messages. -
- If You Have Any Problems Or Questions, Ask A Chatmaster. -
- Please Keep Net Drama Down To A Minimum, Thanks. -
- Please Do Not Cyber In The Main Rooms. -

* Ignoring These Rules Will Lead To A Kick Or Bann. *

Online Radio

Here's a Online Radio For You While You Chat In Our Chat Rooms. Note You Can Stop It While Chatting